About the NJ Healing Center and Available Services

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The Healing Center, 132 Main St, Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

The NJ Healing Center is a safe and gentle environment for people to discover the gifts of clarity and healing. We encourage you to open and receive healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The NJ Healing Center is dedicated to personal wholeness, offering a rounded program for "Total Healing on all levels."

We have created a space where individuals can feel safe to pursue their own development, enjoy the benefits of many healing therapies and attend a wide variety of experiential workshops and trainings. We integrate basic healing through massage, acupuncture, hypnosis, naturopathic medicine, Reiki, spiritual guidance, and meditation.

The NJ Healing Center honors the partnership between client and therapist, allowing the client to come to a place of understanding of his/her own healing process thus empowering the client.

We are known for:
  • Our practitioners are compassionate and caring, with many years of experience and training.
  • We handle complicated cases or illness - Cancer, Parkinson's, phobias, and anxiety.
  • We encourage you to connect to your truest Spiritual Nature.
  • We provide a place to come to a better understanding of one's own unique gifts.
  • Our intuitive readings are offered with the highest integrity for the client's best interest.
  • We offer a range of profoundly healing massages.
  • We offer solutions for weight loss and stress reduction through acupuncture and hypnosis.
Educational and Experiential Workshops include:
  • Develop Intuition 
  • Course of Miracles
  • Reiki Training (all levels)
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About Our Practitioners

The NJ Healing Center offers a wide range of healing modalities to suit your needs. Please take time to read the following biographical information about our practitioners. If you have any questions about who might best address your concerns, please call us to discuss the options.

Current Workshops

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Lindsey Sass

    Lindsey Sass is Director of The NJ Healing Center, she is natural clairvoyant guide, medium, healer, and spiritual teacher and a nationally Certified Hypnotist with a degree in Psychology.
Lindsey was struck by lightning and had a near death experience that altered her life. Since the lightning strike she has become clairvoyant and intuitive. She has developed a special ability to connect her clients to the light and love from their deceased loved one. Her other specialty is to guide people on their life path connecting her clients to their power, gifts and talents. She has created a specific technique to help her clients heal from the loss of their loved one and to own their natural gifts. Many have expressed their session to be profoundly healing as they connect to a feeling of calm and peace, filled with messages of
     Lindsey is featured in a documentary called The Path, Out of the Blue by John Friedman, Spirit Lives by Dr. John Muchacha, and Women's World Magazine.
     Since the lightning strike Lindsey has become an intuitive/clairvoyant medium, she empowers many to connect with their gifts, life path, intuition, and love from deceased family.

Venerable Acharya Lama Gursam Rinpoche

At the age of six, Lama Gursam entered Drikung Kagyu Monastery in Tso Pema, India, where he completed his basic education and studied Buddhist philosophy, practice, ritual and conduct. In 1981 he began his college education at the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies (University) in Sarnath, Varnasi, India. He earned his Bachelor's degree in 1988 in the Sanskrit, Hindi, Tibetan, and English languages and in Buddhist philosophy. Pursuing graduate study at the University, he was President of the student union, and served two years as a Kagyu Committee member. In 1990 he received his Master's degree in advanced Buddhist philosophy. Upon graduation he also received a special award from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

After graduation, Lama Gursam was requested by His Holiness Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche to come to the Drikung Kagyu Institute in Dehra Dun, India, at a critical time where there was a great lack of teachers and funding for education. There he served as a volunteer for five years, teaching Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy and history. He also held the posts of Instructor, Head of Examinations, and Assistant Director while serving as secretary to His Holiness Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, the head of the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. During this time, he also did a one-year meditation retreat and received Dzogchen teachings and empowerments from Khenchen Thupten Rinpoche and other lamas of the Nyingma lineage. He also studied with Dr. Pema Gyaltsen, a specialist in the Tibetan language.

In 1995, Lama Gursam was sent by His Holiness Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche to the United States, where he taught Buddhist philosophy for five years. Lama Gursam worked as a resident teacher in a Tibetan Meditation Center, also serving as director of North American Drikung Kagyu Center. Then Lama Gursam met His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, whom he considers to be the second Milarepa. Under H.E. Garchen Rinpoche's guidance, together with the Venerable Traga Rinpoche, he became a yogi, and in 2002 he completed a traditional three-year retreat in the United States, practicing Mahamudra and the Six Yogas of Naropa. After a nationwide teaching tour, he then traveled to India, Nepal and the border of Tibet, where he completed a six-month retreat in Milarepa's cave at Lapchi. Lama Gursam continues to return every year to India for teachings and retreats, and every year to the United States and Canada to reunite with friends and students for teachings. His current sanghas are located in Vermont, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Arizona, as well as Montreal and Sault Sainte Marie, Canada. Additionally, every 2-3 years, Lama Gursam leads a pilgrimage to Buddhist holy places in India and Nepal. In 2006, Lama Gursam founded The Bodhichitta Foundation, a U.S. non-profit organization officially recognized by His Holiness Chetsang Rinpoche, head of the Drikung Kagyu lineage. The Bodhichitta Foundation benefits the West with teachings, a future center and retreat land, and the East, preserving ancient texts, Tibetan culture, education, women's rights, and health.

Christine Henckel - Licensed Acupuncturist

Christine has a caring perceptive touch, reaching into the energy lines of the body's organs.
She is a Teacher's Assistant at Eastern School of Acupuncture where she assists students with practical skills, palpation, point location, diagnosis and treatment.
A Licensed Acupuncturist in NJ, Christine is also certified in BLS/CPR for healthcare providers. She has a BA in Psychology from Richard Stockton College of NJ Pomona, NJ, and her Diploma of Acupuncture 2011 from Eastern School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Montclair, NJ


Frank Mancini

Frank Mancini is a Shaman, Reiki Master, and an Intuitive Healer, leading Healing Journeys. 
As a teenager Frank felt like something was missing in life,but didn't know what it was, or what to do.  He had his first session with a Shaman about 12 years ago. He felt a deep connection to the Spirit world, changing his life for the better. In Frank's healing sessions, his guides inform him of what to do for the client's highest needs. Frank continues his healing to clear unwanted energies and to raise consciousness.

Ruth Amarante, Reiki Master/Teacher

       After years of studying and practicing Reiki for personal use, Ruth made the commitment to becoming a Reiki Master in 2012. Since completing her Third Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing, Ruth has clients and students in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Hawaii.
       Expanding on her life-long interest in crystals, Ruth has a wide variety of healing stones that may be used during sessions as needed.

      Creating a truly unique healing experience, Ruth also loves to combine Reiki with the Raindrop Technique of applying essential oils. Always striving for the highest and best good, each client receives an individualized healing using all of Ruth's skills, knowledge, intuition, and connection with Spirit.


Anna M. Simoni

Anna M. Simoni
Anna is a graduate of Lehman College and Columbia School of Orthoptists. With a medical/science background and career of educating and teaching others, healing became a very important passion. In 2010 she was given Eric Pearl's Book "Heal Yourself, Heal Others". As a Light Worker, her angels then guided her to become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. As a result Anna has seen the profound changes that have occurred not only in her life but in the lives of others. It keeps her in a state of awe for this truly amazing experience. Anna's passion for Reconnective Healing has led her to do hundreds of distance sessions worldwide and in person sessions locally.
After a spiritual retreat to Angel Valley in Sedona Arizona Anna began to work with crystals and offer individuals Crystal Light Healing Therapy as a tool for healing and the Ascension Process. 

Gina Mongiello, Licensed Massage Therapist

Gina Mongiello is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a 500-Hour Level Yoga Teacher, and the Program Coordinator/Director at the Essex County Environmental Center. She has a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University and a MA in Environmental Studies from Montclair State University. She has experienced many wonderful healing modalities in pursuit of her own well-being and has full faith and experience in the healing that comes from the John Barnes Myofascial Release Method.   
John Barnes Myofascial Release Method (MFR) is a hands-on healing modality that works with the fascial system. Fascia is an interconnected web of tissue that weaves itself throughout the body. The therapist locates tight or restricted areas within this web and facilitates releases. MFR addresses the whole individual: mind, body, and consciousness. Old memories and/or beliefs that no longer serve the well-being of the client can be realized and then released by the client, if so chosen. This new found awareness is where the potential for lasting change exists. The therapist intuitively follows the intelligence of the fascial system and will go only as far as the client allows. 
How can it help: MFR Method can reduce and eliminate pain in the body. It also serves to give a voice to old emotions and patterns that keep us stuck and/or prevent us from soaring. It can restore energy, balance, and stability. It can help the body/mind to process old traumas and or accidents in order to free us from the weight of the past. There are no guarantees, just an incredible amount of freeing possibilities.

Venerable Khenpo Tenzin Nyima

 Teachings on happiness and compassion in everyday living.

Venerable Khenpo Tenzin Nyima was born in 1973.  At the age of five, his grandmother and uncle taught him the basics of the Tibetan language.  At fourteen, he met the Venerable Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoche in whom he took refuge and who gave him the hair cutting ceremony marking his transition to a monk.
Starting at the age of fifteen, he entered the Drikung Kagyu Jangchub Ling Institute in Dehra Dun India for nine year curriculum of Buddhist Philosophy.  During this period he has taken the opportunities to go to Dzongsar Institute to study on several occasions.  In addition, he was one of the monks chosen to participate in the special ceremony in front of H.H. Dalai Lama during the Inauguration of the Jangchub Ling Institute in 1992.  He entered the Essay Competition held by Tibet Foundation, London, and won the third-place prize.  This contest  was for Tibetans worldwide under twenty-four and winners were awarded scholarship and certificate for their academic excellence.  After completion of his nine-year study in the Jangchub Ling Institute, He was awarded the title of Khenpo (equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy) by H. H. Drikung Kyabgon Konchog Tenzin Kunsang Thrinle Lhundrup Rinpoche upon his graduation on March 2, 1998.   Referred by Lamchen Rinpoche, Khenpo Tenzin Nyima immediately went to Khenchen Petse Rinpoche’s three-month program held in Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche’s monastery in Nepal, where Khenchen Petse Rinpoche granted the entire set of Secret Essence (Guhyaarbha Tantra) empowerment and teachings.  Khenpo Tenzin Nyima thus received the rare and auspicious higher tantric teachings completely.

Ven. Khenpo Tenzin Nyima eventually immigrated to the USA.  He currently resides and teaches at Gampopa Vajrayana Buddhist Center founded by Ven. Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoche, from whom he learned Drigung Kagyu Lineage uncommon teachings as well as Dzogchen with retreats. He is the editor-in-chief for Lamchen Rinpoche’s Rare Dharma Preservation Project.
Over the years Khenpo Tenzin has spread the nectar of Dharma by actively engaging in teaching internationally. Khenpo Tenzin assists and resides with Lamchen Glypo Rinpcohe in the USA.

Chantal Doktar

      Has been practicing Reiki for more than two years, first on her loved ones, and then on strangers. She is not new however to alternative healing modalities. She was diagnosed more than seventeen years ago with myoclonus, a movement disorder, and with a cyst that compressed 80% of her spinal cord. Surgery saved her life, but then the side effects of the surgery and lingering myoclonus made life difficult. Two years later, she was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a non-cancerous brain tumor which, if left unattended, could also prove fatal. Another surgery, one-ear deafness, equilibrium and memory problems, and years of migraines followed. Heavy medications were essential and limiting her functionality at the same time.
      It was six years ago that she felt the need to try something other than traditional medicine. Therapy, meditation, changes in diet, prayer, yoga, music, exercise, Reiki and the love of her children all contributed to her healing. She stopped taking medications over a year now and has never felt better.  
      Chantal has a MA in Psychology and a BS in accounting. Even though she earns her living as an accountant, Reiki is her passion and her joy.  
      During a Reiki session, her goal is to create a space where one can connect with his/her own healing power. She channels beautiful love energy to assist you physically, mentally and spiritually.

His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche

Garchen RinpocheDuring the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution in China, Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche was imprisoned in the prime of his life. Yet when he was released after years of captivity, he emerged as a highly awakened master who had been learning and practicing in secret for 20 years.

Dedicated To The Welfare of Others

"The only cause of happiness is love. The only cause of suffering is self grasping."
Garchen Rinpoche

Now in his seventies, Garchen Rinpoche is revered by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Known for extraordinary love, limitless compassion and clear wisdom, he travels an exhausting schedule, reaching as many students as he can and acting on projects that benefit his Tibetan homeland and the world.


His Eminence's Incarnation as Gardampa Chodengpa

Gardampa Chodengpa was born in 1180 A.D., and he was recognized to have been an incarnation of the acharya Aryadeva Bodhisattva, a disciple of Nagarjuna. At birth he was able to hold a staff, and he chanted the six syllable mantra. His mother was too frightened to tell others of her son's abilities. Later, he practiced Mantrayana at Tsari, Tibet. While residing at a cave of Gar at Dagpo, all the gods and demons of Tibet gathered round him. At first they drew sharp weapons and wounded him, but later took refuge in him, offering the mantras (prayers) of their lives.

When Gardampa Chodengpa was young, he heard of the glorious accomplishments of the mahasiddha Kyobpa Jigten Sungon. So he decided to make his way to Drikung. He then stayed there and received many teachings and practiced under the guidance of his guru, Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon. Very soon he was able to attain complete realization, and he became one of the three important mahasiddhas -- Gar, Nyo, and Chosum -- of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon. Gardampa exhibited miraculous powers on many occasions and through his profound teachings initiated numerous sentient beings on the path of Dharma( Spiritual Path).

Since 1979, His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche has been looking after the welfare of his monastery. He has been gracious and kind to poor people. He has given all the offerings he received to the monastery and has decided not to use anything for himself, his relatives, or his mother.

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche is very considerate and humble to all people regardless of position, age or gender. His advice for people who drink, smoke, gamble and engage in other wrongdoings has been very effective in correcting their behavior. By nature he is able to work for the benefit of others and has earned great respect from the public. His Eminence has never betrayed the expectations of his disciples or others. He is extraordinary in this age of degeneration.

By His Eminence's disciples Konchok Toga, Abao Lama and Bunima Lama, in consultation with the present Garchen Rinpoche. This is like a drop of water out of his accomplishments, which are as vast as the ocean. This originally was completed on the 17th of September, 1996.

Joy Morreale

Joy Morreale is an Art Therapist with a degree from Parsons University - The New school of Design. Joy works with groups and individuals to explore Stone Carving Therapy as a healing process involving meditation, music and positive thinking. The stones are said to have healing qualities and well being manifests in the form of the sculpture with which you are working. The finished product is polished to a beautiful luster and one achieves a great sense of accomplishment. The stone is then yours to take home for continued healing and meditation. Examples of the stones and finished sculptures are available at The Healing Center. Please stop in anytime to view.